Takara Tomy – Tail Battler Shadow Striker TB-02 Unboxing and Assembly

株式会社タカラトミー Kabushikigaisha takaratomī, Takara Tomy) is a Japanese entertainment company that makes children’s toys and merchandise. It was created from a merger on 1 March 2006 of two companies: Tomy (founded in 1924 as Tomiyama, changing the name to Tomy in 1963) and long-time rival Takara (founded in 1955).The company has its headquarters in Katsushika, Tokyo. Takara-Tomy has manufactured a broad range of products based on its own properties which include, from the Tomy side: Tomica, Plarail, Zoids, Idaten Jump, Nohohon Zoku and Tomy branded baby care products, and, from the Takara side: Space Pets, Choro-Q (also known as Penny Racers), Transformers, B-Daman, Koeda-chan (also known as Treena) and Microman. The merged Takara-Tomy also produces and/or sells a wide variety of toy and game brands under license, such as Thomas & Friends, Disney, Pokémon, Naruto, The Game of Life (also known as Jinsei Game), Rockman (a.k.a. Megaman), Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, Kirarin Revolution, Sugarbunnies, and Animal Crossing. Tomy’s rights to these licenses vary by region. One of the first examples of product synergy for the merged company was the combining of Takara’s Jinsei Game (Game of Life) license and Tomy’s Pokémon license to produce a Pokémon Jinsei Game.


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