【HUGっと!プリキュア】19話 先行カット場面とネタバレのあらすじ 予告 ワクワク!憧れのランウェイデビュー!? (ルールー&えみる)





Episode 19 “Exciting! A longing runway debut !?” Synopsis

Emi (voice: Nao Tamura) and Rule (Voice: Yukari Tamura) who was invited by Henry (voice: Toshiyuki Ikutani) to go out to the fashion show. Also interested in the model (voice: Rie Hiroshi) is preparing for the fashion show together with Hatton (voice: Konomi Tada), depending on Henry.

I’m nervous about my first runway, but Ruley encourages me if it’s okay with me. Emi will be positive to try hard at the fashion show with Rules.

However, Emi ‘s elder brother / Masato who appears there (voice: Shimotsuki purple). Masato opposes that it is not appropriate for Emi to appear at the fashion show as a man of Akazaki. I can not reply to a masochist, but Henry who came in a dress there came … ….


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