【HUGっと!プリキュア】18話 先行カット場面とネタバレのあらすじ 予告 でこぼこコンビ!心のメロディ!(ルールー&えみる)

Rules Amur from Client’s company. Ruley thinks that she manipulates violet memories, but the violets who observed it will not change and will accept the rule.

Meanwhile, I knew that the identity of PreCure is a fellowship. Elemy who adores pretty cure to chase the flowers. I want to become pretty cure together with my favorite rule, but Emi is thinking that Ruley is a mindless android … ….

Oshimaida to attack there! Puppet that makes a fool of looking at the rule trying to protect the people. Am I looking at it … ….


ネタバレ キュアアムール キュアマシェリ


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